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Starry-eyed assumptions about the modern world

Observations and thoughts from an under-educated student

This is a place for me to assert my views, review music, movies, articles, the world around me, and occasionally piss people off. This journal is not concerned with my personal life, except as it relates to my world views. I invite discussion and ideas, as well as critiques of my logic and reasoning. Part of the purpose of this journal is to improve my writing skills. The other reason is to have a hobby that's a little bit more constructive than bitching about my life on my personal journal.
activism, anarchy, angels and agony, aphex twin, apoptygma beserk, babylon 5, baroque music, battlestar galatica, beautiful women, beethoven, being really gay, being sexy, bisexual, bisexual girls, bisexuality, canada, cat power, chamber music, cheese, classical music, cocteau twins, coffee, composing, covenant, death cab for cutie, diary of dreams, did i mention women?, dirty three, drag kings, dykes, dykish women, education, electronic music, enigma, equal rights, ethnomusicology, euro-rock, fems, fiddleheads, fog, garbage, gay rights, gays, glbt, goth, green tea, grrls, henry james, human rights, ikissgirls, in strict confidence, industrial, industrial music, inspiring others, intelligent women, isaac asimov, itzhak perlman, jane austen, jean delville, jeanette winterson, journals, khachaturian, kreisler, kronos quartet, kyung wha chung, l-word, le tigre, lesbians, lgbt, love, matthew good, matthew good band, melissa auf der maur, memes, mena suveri, metropolis records, mist, modern music, montreal, mp3s, museums, music, music history, my amazing girlfriend, obsessing, our lady peace, outdoor concerts, paul delveaux, pernambuco wood, philip glass, playing violin, poetry, political science, pontiac trans am, post-rock, project pitchfork, punk, pyschology, queer, quest for glory, radio, rammstein, reading, renee vivien, robert heinlein, romantic music, same sex marriage, same sex marriages, same-sex marriages, samuel barber, science fiction, sleater kinney, symphonic music, symphonies, synergy, synthpop, tatu, tchaikovsky, tea party, teaching, teaching violin, techno, tegan and sara, the ocean, tori amos, transgender, vanessa mae, velvet acid christ, victorian novels, violin, vnv nation, wolfsheim, wolves, women, working out, writing, wumpscut, zeromancer, ♀♀